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  • I have 10 product variations that exist under one Parent ASIN. Which product ASIN should I submit to Acosify? Do I need to include all 10 Child ASINs?
    When you have multiple product variations under one Parent ASIN, you only need to submit one of those ASINs to Acosify. We recommend you choosing the flagship model, or the option that has recorded the most sales, positive reviews or high customer satisfaction ratings so far.
  • I want to make adjustments to my target ACoS and my daily budget. How can I do this?
    You can make adjustments to your target ACoS and daily advertising budget at any time. Please go to [My Account]-[Advertising Planning] and update the new answer to the question. Any changes to your campaigns will be applied from the following month in your plan. Note: Changing your target ACoS and your daily advertising budget too often may interfere with the results of the ad efficiency measurement. If you decide to change your target ACoS or daily advertising budget, we recommend waiting for at least two weeks to see the results.
  • I made a typo when I submitted my ASIN. How can I fix it?
    Please contact us directly and we will adjust it for you.
  • Is it possible to change what products I advertise in the middle of a campaign?
    We allow one chance for you to change your ASIN. When you change your ASIN, bidding for the previous ASIN will automatically end, and it may take up to one week to register the new ASIN. Note: As it can take up to 6 months to collect accurate market data, we recommend reducing your bid rather than changing your ASIN.
  • Why is there such a large difference between my target ACoS and my actual ACoS?
    Since Acoisy cannot predict the market perfectly, clients will likely notice some discrepancy between their target ACoS and their actual ACoS. Acosify do our best to ensure that actual ACOS is as close as possible to your target ACOS, but please tolerate the limitations of initial errors due to campaigns with little historical sales (e.g., fewer than 30 orders in a month), conversion rates, and sales price changes. Note: Please refer to the Advertising Planning Guide attatched to email sent after payment for our recommended criteria for determining target ACoS. At a lower ACoS value, you may run out of your allocated budget, whereas at a higher ACoS value not all of the allocated budget may be spend.
  • If I use Acosify will my revenue increase?
    Acosify clearly aims to optimize advertising efficiency to avoid unnecessary advertising budget spending, which may increase your overall profits as a consequence of spending less on advertising campaigns. However, Acosify cannot guarantee that your revenue or product sales will increase. You can increase your overall profit by reducing your spending on advertising campaigns.
  • Can I cancel my subscription in the middle of a campaign?
    You can cancel your plan at any time and your plan will remain active until the end of your billing period.
  • What happens if I don’t use all of my budget before my plan expires?
    Once your plan expires, we will let your current campaigns finish running until the remaining budget runs out unless you decide to force to end these campaigns.
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