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Scalpe up the advertising efficiency
by reducing the burden of running ads

Acosify has knowledge and insight about Amazon e-commerce, and has extensive Amazon sales and marketing experience. Accosify leverages a range of North American validated software in the right place, sets advertising goals based on data, and finds answers. 

Systematization of Acosify service provides all of these professional services at a reasonable price. 

Service Guide

Advertising Planning 


After paying for the service, Acosify will request the information needed to set up the advertising campaign.

Please enter your answers to the following key questions in [My Page] - [My Info].


  • What is your ASIN of the advertising product?

  • What is your daily advertising budget?

  • What is your target ACoS percentage?


Acosify set up campaigns according to the information you entered.

You can change the advertising budget and target ACoS that you entered at any time in  [My Page]-[My Info]. 


Update User Permission 

In order to set up and operate your campaign on Acosify, we must be authorized to the ‘Campaign Manager’ section. 

**Please note that your information is protected by the <Terms and Conditions> and you can retrieve the right at any time.

How It Works

Acosify create and optimize campaign


Once the invitation to coordinate the campaign is complete, Acosify creates the campaign within 24 hours (business days).

Acosify's advertising campaigns are stored in separate portfolios depending on the product.

A total of 3 advertising campaigns and 8 advertising groups will be created and operated.


With professional keyword search, we create accurate, high-efficiency advertising campaigns from the beginning. 
Our campaign operation rules help to identify and optimize advertising data in real time. This reflects ever-changing market conditions, keywords, and competitive data.The bid is also adjusted by verifying the efficiency of the target keyword. We continue to discover and secure better keywords and competitive target products.

Advertising campaigns are optimized with the rich experience and insight gained from running Amazon ads. 
Acosify takes advantage of a number of proven software that helps the systematize of North American Amazon advertising operations.
Systematic operation allows users to use all of these services at a fixed monthly subscription fee.


Check advertising performance

The results of advertising campaigns can be found anytime on your Amazon Seller Central. 

PPC Data Analytics

Expert Problem Solving

Our experts are constantly monitoring your campaign performance so we find new opportunities to improve.

Daily ACoS Tracking

Your ACoS value is constantly changing. We track your ACoS values on a daily basis to optimize results

Save Time & Ad Spend

With our Acosify experts managing your PPC campaigns, you can get the most out of your budget.

Find the Best Keywords

Maximize your ROAS with the right keywords

Ads reach target customers through effective keyword research. 

Quickly eliminate keywords that aren’t working

ROAS suffers when you bid on the wrong keywords.
We quickly identify keywords that just aren’t working and eliminate them.


Machine Learning Bidding

We implement machine learning to automatically make adjustments to your keywords and bids.



Competitive results for a fraction of the price. We find the best keywords and optimize your bids to make the most of your Amazon PPC campaigns.

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2nd Floor, 22 Seoun-ro 6-gil,
Seocho-gu, Seoul, 06734
Republic of Korea 

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9:00am - 6:00pm KST
TEL: (+82) 02-2135-4998

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